it true, Article 112C and 112D of federal Constitution has beeb removed or amended. We Demand answers from MOF

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Datuk Murshidi Abd.Ghaffar
Bendahari Agong
Parti Cinta Sabah.

Datuk Aziz Jamman revealed in Parliament that Sabah’s entitlement on the Federal Government revenues derived from Sabah stipulated under Article 112C and 112D of the Federal Constitution has been invalidated by the Federal Government through a government gazette since 1970 without the knowledge of the Sabah Government and the people of Sabah. If it is true,it will constitute a gross violation of the constitutional right of Sabah and the constitutional right of the Federation of Malaysia to exist.

It must be recognised that Article112C and Article112D of the Federal Constitution were mandatory constitutional provisions for Sabah agreeing to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. These constitutional provisions are permanent in nature for as long as the Federation of Malaysia is in existence.

Article 112C and Article112D are sacrosanct to the people of Sabah to entitle it to have part of its own resources to develop the State..

Sabahans are asking what is not theirs but part of their own !!

Any attempt to remove or amend Art112C and 112D will have severe consequences to the Federation of Malaysia!!

we sabahan demand answers
from the Federal government. if its true that article 112c and112D of the federal constitution has been remove we will not keep quite and we will go for peaceful demonstration if necessary.