Culinary Arts Students Revived Old Tradition

Two students from culinary arts programme at Keningau Vocational College, Allan Clement Augustine and Theevine Dhatu Darussalam, have been experimenting with the famous Dusun delicacy known as “Bosou”, a dish made of tangy fermented meat, often fish, which they have pitched at several innovation and grant competitions. These two students won an elevator pitch contest held at the college last July and they earned several medals from few innovation contests held in Sabah and Thailand since 2019. They were mentored by their teacher, Mr. Saumon Maliki, who is specialized in food preparation.

Mr. Saumon Maliki, a teacher who is very experienced in cooking contests and innovation competitions, has led this team to present this food product at a highly competitive innovation contest in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 2019 where they earned a silver medal. They then showcased this project at two different innovation competitions in Kota Kinabalu in the same year before finally winning a business grant worth RM 1000 at a pitching contest held in Keningau in 2020. Mr. Saumon Maliki was also a state finalist of a well-known grant contest for aspiring entrepreneurs, Pitchborneo, in 2017. Their main objective is to help preserve the cultural heritage of the indigenous groups particularly the Dusun by popularizing the traditional dishes. Tapping into the ongoing craze on Korean food, the team attempted to create a type of fusion food by combining Bosou with Kimchi, a Korean dish made of picked vegetables, that is gaining popularity among the Malaysians.

Mr. Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, the director of the college, claimed that the college nurtures its students and teachers to be innovative, to be risk takers and most importantly, to contribute to the community and cultural preservation is one of the major contributions they can make to the society.

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