Construction Students Used Skills to Upgrade College Infrastructure

A group of students from construction technology programme of Keningau Vocational College built a new guardhouse at their school as a part of their final year project. They started the work on 24 August 2020 and completed it on 9 December in the same year.  The project, which cost approximately RM 14,000.00, was presented at the 1st SEA-STEM International Conference hosted by Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia, on 20-22 October 2020 when the construction was still in progress. Their recorded presentation video can be accessed through this link:

Under the supervision of their teachers, the old guardhouse located at the entrance of the school was demolished by the students since it was beyond repair. Prior to its demolition, the team had analyzed its structural flaws and designed a new one with improved features. The new guardhouse is more spacious with resilient walls and durable roof. The objective was to provide the school’s security guards a more comfortable and safer workplace. A small team from electrical technology programme assisted them in doing the electrical wiring for the guardhouse. The construction students who were involved in the project were Edwin Jipanis, Krysllie Boimis, Ronald Rosnin, Habel Michael, Mic Junior, Nur Syamimi Sabandi, Azreen Aqilah, Donovan Damianus, Faberitus Latip, Jordan James, Anas Daniel, Jovec Julius, Tihelddy Togeno and Marco Savio.

The director of the college, Mr. Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, lauded the students, along with their teachers, for their efforts to improve the school facilities using the skills that they have learnt from their programme. Their success in completing the project proved the quality of their education. The college aims to produce highly competent graduates who possess excellent technical skills as well as problem solving and leadership skills.

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