Students of Electrical Technology Bracing for the IR 4.0 Era

A team of students from Keningau Vocational College has represented the state and the country in several education events in the past two years. Eve Cabrini Joannes, Ryan Ase Sanad and Nurazlin Ramlee have showcased their school projects related to the concept of fourth industrial revolution at a national exhibition in Putrajaya in 2019, a virtual Indonesian STEM conference in 2020 and an innovation contest hosted in Perlis last month. They were assisted by their advisory teacher, Ms. Haini Kotin, along with other teachers from electrical technology programme.

These three students built a machine in the form of a steel box that dries wet shoes when they are placed inside it. The box is equipped with electronical components mainly a programmable logic controller that allows it to be operated remotely. It also consists of a heater with adjustable temperature and cooling fans. The reason they built this machine is to help students who stay at their school dormitories dry their wet shoes within a short amount of time. It is common for many of them to wear wet shoes during rainy seasons and this can be very uncomfortable and dangerous for the students. They presented this project virtually at the 1st SEA-STEM 2020 International Conference organized by Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia, on 20-22 October 2020. They then earned a silver medal at the Virtual Expo of Innovation Product and System Design (VIDE) hosted by Universiti Malaysia Perlis on 8 December 2020. In 2019, they were the only team from Sabah that took part at IR 4.0 Education Colloquium held by the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya. They exhibited three projects from their electrical technology programme during the colloquium. Their presentation video can be accessed through this link:

Mr. Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, the director of the college, commended the efforts made by these students, along with the teachers that guided them, for integrating the latest trends in technology into their final year project. Students and teachers at the school have presented their projects at conferences and innovation contests in Malaysia and in other countries across Europe, Asia and Oceania through physical and virtual platforms.

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